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Vispato is a modern, secure, and anonymous whistleblowing system that will protect your company from wrongdoing and help you comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

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Vispato Whistleblowing System
  • Anonymity For Whistleblowers

    Vispato provides an anonymous way to communicate with stakeholders and employees – making them feel comfortable to report any concerns.

  • Maximum Security

    With end-to-end encryption, access controls, ISO 27001 servers, and more, you can be confident that the only people with access to your data is you.

  • Easy To Use

    Vispato is user-friendly, modern software built for the 21st century. Employees require no training or consulting to use it.

  • Fast Setup

    Schedule a demo and have everything set up today – with no consulting upsells or lengthy sales process.

  • Completely Customizable

    Suitable for companies of all sizes and configurable to deal with any forms of anonymous misconduct reporting.

  • Many Languages & Countries

    We offer 12+ languages to choose from by default with more options coming each update.

Verified Client

"In our industry, compliance with whistleblowing laws is not just a legal necessity, but a moral and financial necessity too. Without a way for employees to report concerns anonymously, your company could face serious reputational risks, and wrongdoing could go unreported."

Christoph Gatz
Partner, at Dr. Neumann, Schmeer und Partner

Does your current whistleblowing “solution” put your company at risk?

Whistleblowers need to trust that you will keep them anonymous in order to feel comfortable reporting concerns. Yet, many companies use “solutions” that are neither anonymous, secure, nor compliant, resulting in reputational, financial, and legal risks.

“Send an email” “Report any concerns
to your manager”
Using an external hotline
or ombudsman service
Is it anonymous?
The sender’s email address is shown, and emails are traceable.
Your manager and other employees will know exactly who reported wrongdoing.
The voice of the employee is easily recognizable.
Vispato collects no information to identify the whistleblower
Is it secure?
Emails can easily be deleted or forwarded.
Managers will still require a secure method of recording concerns of employees
Hotlines still need to record case data somewhere.
With internal and external security features, no one outside your organization has access to your data (not even us).
Is it cost-effective?
Compared to Vispato, most hotlines cost significantly more per employee.
Vispato starts from just €99/mo.
Is it compliant with major data privacy and whistleblowing laws?
Whistleblowing regulations such as the EU whistleblowing directive require specific internal reporting channels to ensure the anonymity of whistleblowers.
Whistleblowing regulations such as the EU whistleblowing directive require specific internal reporting channels to ensure the anonymity of whistleblowers.
Now you’ll need to audit the provider to see how they handle data and the steps they take to be compliant – a time-consuming effort.
Vispato is a secure and anonymous solution, helping you to comply with all major relevant laws.

Ensure full compliance with all major whistleblowing laws

Vispato will help you to comply with all major whistleblowing regulations – even for businesses with a large global presence, spanning multiple legal jurisdictions. The system can be hosted in any location, in order to satisfy international data residency requirements. And as a fully anonymous and secure service, we comply with major data privacy laws, including GDPR.

More about Compliance
  • EU Whistleblower Protection Directive 2019/1937
  • US SOX Act Section 301 on Corporate Responsibility
  • U.K. FCA
  • German Corporate Governance Code (DGCK)
  • French Loi Sapin II
  • Global Data Privacy Laws including GDPR
  • International Data Residency Requirements

Built for maximum data security

Whistleblower submissions require powerful security to remain safe from internal and external threats. With end-to-end encryption, security audits, encryption key access, and much more, you can be confident that no-one outside of your company can access your data – not even us.

More about Security
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Regular Security Audit (Penetration Testing)
  • Access Controls
  • ISO 27001 Hosting
  • Case Activity Logs
  • Encryption Key Access

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