Everything you need to protect your company from wrongdoing

With a simple design, features to help you stay compliant with the law, and complete flexibility to customize the system to your needs.

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Vispato Whistleblower System

A secure, efficient, and compliant case management system

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Add a Case Status

Find out quickly which cases require your attention with case statuses. Any whistleblowing report can be marked as new, in progress, or complete – particularly useful when you have lots of reports to keep track of.
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Keep Investigative Records

When you work on a whistleblowing report, it’s important to document what’s happening. Vispato lets you upload files, add comments, and view a timeline of what’s been done, helping you keep everything secure in one place.
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Send a Canned Response

Respond quickly and efficiently to whistleblowing reports. With Vispato, you can save and send canned responses to acknowledge reports and ensure whistleblowers are kept in the loop.
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Receive a Deadline Reminder

Send replies on time to ensure compliance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. Vispato automatically notifies case handlers of key deadlines for acknowledging reports and updating whistleblowers via email and in-app.

Keep track of how your company is performing

With the reporting dashboard, you can visualize how your company is handling whistleblowing reports. Check how many reports you’ve received, and under which category of wrongdoing. Identify if case numbers are trending upwards or downwards. And export all the data for easy internal compliance reporting.

See how it works, and get setup and running today

Invite Authorized Users

Step 1

Invite Case Handlers

After signing up to Vispato, you can invite internal case handlers to join via email.

After they create a password, they can start receiving submissions.

Share Link Internally

Step 2

Share Your Link

Vispato will provide a URL for your company where employees and stakeholders can make anonymous reports – all you have to do is share the link.

Commonly this is done via your company’s intranet or via bulk-email.

Receive Submissions and React

Step 3

Start Receiving Submissions

Any employee or stakeholder can now visit your site and submit completely anonymous reports.

For any follow-up questions, a separate URL will be provided so you can continue the conversation.

Flexible to the needs of any business

With custom case categories, Vispato can handle any form of anonymous misconduct reporting.

Create your own case categories and assign them to specific people.

Money laundering, GDPR violations, feedback regarding management, environmental violations, etc …

  • Unlimited Case Categories
  • Assigned to the right team member
  • Individual rights concept for archiving and deleting received information
  • Money Laundering
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Human Resources
  • GDPR Violations
  • Bribery
  • Employee Fraud
  • Insider Trading
  • Accounting Irregularities
  • Management Feedback drag
  • Market Abuse
  • Health and Safety Breaches
  • Harassment

A complete package to suit the needs of all businesses, big and small.

Your Requirements Vispato
Complete Anonymity for Whistleblowers
Flexible case management system to handle any form of anonymous reporting
Fully compliant with all major whistleblowing, data privacy, and data residency laws.
Get setup today – with no long sales process
High data security measures to combat internal and external data threats
Easy to use – with no training or consulting required
Multi-language Support
Transparent Low Pricing

Complete anonymity for whistleblowers

You can only protect your company from wrongdoing and stay compliant with the law if whistleblowers have a completely anonymous way to blow the whistle, here’s how Vispato does that:

  • No registration required for whistleblowers
  • All text submissions are automatically lowercase with punctuation removed to prevent stylometric analysis
  • Whistleblowers can choose whether to be available for anonymous follow-up inquiries
  • Anonymity measures published on your reporting site to reassure whistleblowers
  • End to End Encryption
  • + lots more security features to maintain anonymity More about Security

With built-in security features to prevent internal data leaks and wrongdoing

  • Internal Activity Logs

    To ensure transparency, Vispato keeps an internal activity logbook of any case changes and case handler actions.

  • Archive Permissions

    To prevent cover-ups, you can prevent cases from being archived unless 2 case handlers, or all case handlers agree.

  • Access Controls

    To protect against leaks, you can assign users access-limited roles, ensuring only those that need administrator privileges have it.

Verified Client

"In our industry, compliance with whistleblowing laws is not just a legal necessity, but a moral and financial necessity too. Without a way for employees to report concerns anonymously, your company could face serious reputational risks, and wrongdoing could go unreported."

Christoph Gatz
Partner, at Dr. Neumann, Schmeer und Partner

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