Most of the questions can be answered with yes:

  • Can I start with Vispato right away?
  • Can I add as many authorized users as I want?
  • Is there no limit to submissions?
  • Are submissions sent and stored with encryption?
  • Is the whistleblower really anonymous?
  • Can I keep in contact with the whistleblower after the first submission?
  • Can whistleblowers also submit information with their mobile devices?
  • Is Vispato a GDPR-compliant solution?
  • Can I create as many case categories as I like?
  • Can I invite third parties (e.g. lawyers) to certain cases?

What is whistleblower software?

The software enables employees, clients, third parties, or the public to anonymously report unethical or unlawful behavior and misconduct within an organization.

How can I submit information?

Information can be submitted through your custom Vispato website (e.g.
The whistleblower can make a submission using a desktop computer or a mobile device.
If the whistleblower wants, they can re-submit new information anonymously after the first submission.

Can information be submitted over the phone?

No, Vispato does not offer this.
Research shows that telephone whislteblower submissions are decreasing rapidly. We favor a web-based solution to ensure data privacy, cost effectiveness, and user friendliness. One example of a web-based feature that our clients love is the ability to attach image and text files.

Furthermore, a web-based solution allows for follow-up questions to be sent back to the whistleblower. Unlike with a telephone solution, Vispato offers a two-way communication system.

Who can submit information?

In general, your Vispato whislteblower website is public. You can, however, decide for yourself how public the site should be. The site can be made only available through your company's internal network, or made publicly available through your company's public website.
If you want to make the whistleblower website accessible only to a certain group of people, there is the option to create an access PIN that must be inserted before submitting information.

Who can receive submissions?

Submissions are sent to the authorized user that you have assigned to receive them. You can assign as many authorized users as you like.
These users can either have access to all information, or they can be limited to certain categories only.

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is a system of communication that encrypts data along all contact points. Only the sender and receiver, the end points, can decrypt the message.
For Vispato, this means that only the whistleblower and the authorized contact within the company can decrypt and read the message.
This type of encryption prevents any other party from gaining access to the information, for example your company's internet service provider or even Vispato.

How do you ensure that whistleblowers remain anonymous?

Our whistleblower system safeguards whistleblower anonymity and ensures that their identity cannot be digitally traced back to them. Our DATEV hosted servers do not store IP addresses, location data, device specifications, or any other data that could identify the whistleblower.
The whistleblower also has the ability to choose, however, not to remain anonymous.
In either case, the contents of the submission are always encrypted. Additionally, all server communications are carried over a secure HTTPS connection.

Can I contact the whistleblower after the first submission?

This is what sets Vispato apart from other solutions, e.g. hotlines.
If the whistleblower wishes, they can make themselves available for follow-up questions when they submit information. To do this, the whistleblower receives a link to the conversation along with a custom key which can be used later to log in and answer any follow-up questions.

How much does Vispato cost?

Please have a look at the following page: Pricing

Which languages does Vispato support?

The standard version of Vispato is available in English and German. It is possible to include additional languages for your whistleblower website.

How long does it take to implement Vispato?

It takes only a few minutes to set up a Vispato account. You will receive a link to your own whistleblower website immediately.
You can utilize our support team or complete the setup on your own.

Can Vispato assist with implementation?

Vispato provides documentation for ensuring a successful implementation.
At the moment we do not offer consultation services but we would be happy to put you in touch with a competent individual from our professional network.
Of course, our support team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our software.

Can I make changes in the Visapto system?

You are able to add as many authorized users or case categories as you like.
For other changes beyond this, please get in touch with us.

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