Grow an additional revenue stream as a Vispato Partner

Partners are able to increase brand loyalty, keep customers from leaving and provide a better customer experience with their own white-label version of Vispato.

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Who’s the partner program for?

Vispato partners are typically companies that work within the compliance sector that wish to provide their clients a better experience and increase their ancillary revenue streams.

Do either of these sound like you?

You provide compliance software or systems.

You’re a consultant, agency, audit firm, data privacy officer, or other organization that works within the compliance sector.

See how it works

Step 1: Schedule a Call

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, schedule a call with us. During the call, we’ll demo the software, answer your questions, discuss the partner program terms, and chat about your suitability to partner with us.

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Step 2: Customize

Within a few days of joining the program, our developers will create your own white-label version of Vispato to resell – featuring your own logo, domain, and appearance preferences.

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Step 3: Resell

That’s it! You’re now free to resell your white-label version of Vispato directly to any of your customers, at any margin – just paying us based on what you’ve sold.

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Why become a Vispato Partner?

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Additional Revenue Stream

Upsell Vispato to gain an additional recurring revenue stream from your existing customers that already trust your recommendations.

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Complete White-Label Experience

Customize your white-label version of Vispato with your own logo, colors, styling, appearance preferences, domain name, and more.

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Priority Support

Go straight to the front of the queue with priority support via a dedicated account manager.

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Best Pricing Terms

Access our best pricing terms, with bigger discounts available based on sales volume, and the ability to resell at any margin.

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Custom Development Available

Need something custom developed for one of your clients? We can provide additional development resources (for an additional fee).

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Increase Customer Loyalty

Provide a better customer experience and disincentivize clients from leaving by becoming an ‘all-in-one’ solution for their needs.

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